Migration of Things: Calling all Objects
11.18.2011, 3:51 pm
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This winter FOP will be assisting in the production of a project at Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn, as part of their year-long theme on Migration. The call for submissions (in the form of objects) is available as of today. We invite you to submit small objects and their accompanying stories for consideration as soon as possible. Free free to email us with questions (smudgestudio [at]

Here is the call in full, as shared by Proteus:

“When we think about migration, we tend to focus on people and creatures, the living, mobile inhabitants of the planet. But life and motion create products and byproducts: waste, tools, culture, the things that become the implements and expression of our life on earth. These are often the things that drive us onward in our migrations through space and time, as objects of desire and as products. They are our creations, our rewards and our punishments, their stories ineluctably connected with our own. At the points where our stories intersect with those of the Object, much is revealed, not only about our personal trajectories but also about our precarious relationship with the environment.

And so, for our second exhibition of the Migration year, we will examine the migrations of the Objects as the motive force of our labor, our consumption, and our imaginations, and as independent beings with stories of their own, that began before the Object’s encounter with us and may continue when we go our separate ways.

We invite you to join us in this exploration. Do you have an object whose story you would like to share? An heirloom, an artwork, a toothbrush, a stone? An object which has dominated you, inspired you, defended you, taught you, exalted or degraded you? Lend us the object and include with it everything you know about it.

Here’s how it works: Anyone can play. Our only requirement is that the object come with a story and that it not be smelly, require special care or be likely to perish while in the gallery. Send us an email describing your object and some details of the story so we can decide if we can include it in the show.

The story of an object may start with a personal attachment and migrate into the economic, the industrial, the political, the historical, the geologic, the environmental and so on. Like twigs on a tree, the branching off of one story into another is theoretically endless.

If accepted, you will write the object’s story on index cards, as many as you need. You should try to be concise but not at the cost of sacrificing storylines. Bring your object and its story(ies) to Proteus on Friday or Saturday, Jan 6 or 7 between 12pm and 6pm. We will punch holes in the cards, assemble them on D-rings for display, adding blank cards for stories others may wish to add to your object.

During the course of the three month exhibition, we will host Object events including mapping, games, presentations, investigations and recategorizations.”

The Object Show is presented by Proteus Gowanus in collaboration with the artist Sal Randolph, creator of the Free Biennale, Free Manifesta, Free Words and Manifesta, and smudge studio, creator of the book Geologic City: A Field Guide to the GeoArchitecture of New York, whose current work explores the convergence of the geologic and the human.

Stay tuned for updates on exhibition-related events, including an afternoon with FOP/smudge at Proteus when we’ll be hosting an afternoon of Geo-Configuration:

An Exercise in Geo-Configuration:
As part of the programming for Migration, smudge studio will host a public event in the gallery. For this event, smudge studio will use materiality, juxtaposition, proximity and relay to reconfigure objects in imaginative response to geologic forces and flows that delivered them to the gallery at this moment in time. They will also speculate on objects’ geologic migrations through time and space from here.

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