In the Interest of Time
01.19.2012, 9:06 am
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from the Trinity Series (In the Interest of Time), Elizabeth Ellsworth (smudge studio), 2009

For the past six years, smudge studio has practiced a version of what Nicolas Bourriard has called “the journey form.”  According to Bourriard, “the journey has become a [contemporary art] form in its own right . . . a compositional principle” (The Radicant, 2009).

For us, the journey form has been a means to access, traverse, and feel for ourselves, a number of sites where the geologic and the human converge with intensity.  At such sites, we have used the journey form, along with the concept of deep geologic time, as compositional principles for creatively responding to the complex of forces (natural, built, historic, social, strategic and the imagined) we encounter.

Two weeks from today, our first solo show, In The Interest of Time, opens at Richland College’s Brazos Gallery in Dallas, Texas, on February 2, 2012.  It translates the works that resulted from several of our journeys into exhibition form.

stills from Super 8 film, below the line, Jamie Kruse (smudge studio), 2010-2 (watch on vimeo)

This exhibition is a mini-retrospective of sorts, composed of selected work from three “journey-informed” projects: Geologic City (2011), Below the Line (2010), and Worlds to Come (2009). The show also presents previously unexhibited photographs, maps and Super 8 films.

For anyone who might find themselves in Dallas over the course of the next month, the exhibition runs until March 2, 2012. We welcome you to join us for the exhibition reception on February 13th, 2012 at the Brazos Gallery from 4-6 pm.  Following the reception, we’ll be giving an artists’ talk: “The Journey Form: Movement as a Way of Knowing,” at McKinney Avenue Contemporary from 6:30-7:30 pm.


* Many thanks to Ryder Richards for his support in realizing this exhibition.

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