Along a Thin Potent Line
09.22.2012, 10:12 pm
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a CNS10-160B shipping container spotted along I-80 in Utah (PDF fact sheet via the DOE), all images this post FOP 2012

Greetings from the midst of the movement and from the open eye of the road. Today, we left the hazy blue and blistering white brown landscape of northern Utah and arrived into the deep red canyon-filled southeast. In the past 48 hours, we passed a truck (pictured above) that we had never seen for ourselves, outside of the DOE image that appeared in our Repository deck; toured the interior of the Clive Facility;  viewed a uranium disposal cell from a scenic highway rest stop overlook; and drove along the edge of a massive uranium pile just outside of Moab, UT, as we watched the geiger counter loaned to us by a friend tick upwards. It is far too early to discern what we will make of it all, or even to take in what we have seen, but we offer these images from our journey in-process.

inside the Clive Facility

highway to Moab

Crescent Junction Disposal Cell, Utah

Utah wind turbines

Atlas/Moab uranium tailings pile, a DOE UMTRA project

Atlas/Moab uranium tailings pile, a DOE UMTRA project

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