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10.27.2012, 6:53 pm
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Hurricane Sandy on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 image NOAA

As Sandy makes its way up the coast we will be following the storm closely. In advance of its arrival we find it interesting that Sandy is being called a hybrid storm (combining a hurricane, a cyclone, a tropical storm, a winter storm) with “no precedent.” This underscores for us the real world opportunities to test out some of the ideas we so often write about on this site and attempt to engage through our ongoing projects: landscapes are continuous events; the contemporary moment is a time of intensifying change;  we are learning while in-the-midst, especially when events are unprecedented; we are required to be responsive to unfolding circumstances that are unknowable from here; the configuration of things is powerful and requires us to act in-relation; we need new ways to see and make sense of contemporary earth forces as they meet human activities and infrastructures—and this is a job that requires the utmost creativity.  And that makes it a job that artists can assist.

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Political meteorology unfolding!

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