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We are thrilled to announce that as of TODAY, our  co-edited collection of essays, Making the Geologic Now: Material Responses to Contemporary Life  exists in PRINT.

The printed book is available for order directly from the punctum website for $39 + shipping. We’re very excited to have this third mode of distribution available for the project, in addition to the beautifully designed GEOLOGICNOW.COM and the free PDF download (released in December 2012).

Please help us celebrate the hard work of our incredible list of contributors and  share the news (and link) widely. We’re happy to report that within the first two weeks of our digital launch we had more than 1000 downloads. And currently, we are #5 on punctum’s download list. Help us make it to #1.

In many ways, we are just getting started. All are welcome to build upon the existing project,  join discussions regarding the book’s content and continue to make the geologic “now” via the “Sightings and Discussions” page on

As always, let us know what you think. And we hope you enjoy the book, and the selected page views below!

Contributors include:  Matt Baker, Jarrod BeckStephen Becker, Brooke Belisle, Jane BennettDavid BenqueCanary Project (Susannah Sayler, Edward Morris), Center for Land Use InterpretationBrian DavisSeth Denizen, Anthony Easton, Elizabeth Ellsworth, Valeria Federighi, William L. FoxDavid GerstenBill GilbertOliver Goodhall, John Gordon, Ilana HalperinLisa HirmerRob HolmesKatie HoltenJane Hutton, Julia Kagan, Wade KavanaughOliver KellhammerElizabeth KolbertJanike Kampevold LarsenJamie KruseWilliam LamsonTim MalyGeoff ManaughDon McKay, Rachel McRae,Brett MilliganChristian MilNeilLaura MoriarityStephen NguyenErika OsborneTrevor PaglenAnne Reeve, Chris RoseVictoria SambunarisPaul Lloyd Sargent, Antonio Stoppani, Rachel SussmanShimpei TakedaChris TaylorRyan ThompsonEtienne TurpinNicola TwilleyBryan M. Wilson.

geonow1Shimpei Takeda and William Lamson’s work, from the Introduction

geonow2Lisa Hirmer’s images accompany Etienne Turpin + Valeria Federighi’s piece (Chapter 2)

geonow3from Janike Larsen’s essay (Chapter 11)

from the Canary Project’s photo essay (Chapter 20)

from Katie Holten’s essay ((Chapter 31)

from Shimpei Takeda’s essay and Jamie Kruse’s essay (Chapters 35 and 36)

from the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s essay (Chapter 39) and closing zuihitsu

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Finally…. Just ordered 2 copies!
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