Set into Motion: Opening/Screening at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
08.22.2013, 11:54 am
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smudge_Tdriver Tommy Cash at a Colorado rest stop, from Look Only at the Movement, smudge studio 2013

Save the date! On October 3, 2013 we will launch Look Only at the Movement, our recently completed video work, at Parsons, The New School for Design. The video, accompanying map, logbook and site key will be on view in the Sheila C. Johnson lobby from October 3 through December 5th. We are excited to kick off the project’s two-year exhibition relay at Parsons, and we hope you can join us.

Look Only at the Movement is the culmination of  a 12-day research trip staged last fall and supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.  It’s the result of more than 10 months of editing and production work.  On our research and travels, we came into contact with only a handful of the hundreds of nuclear related sites around the country.  Our project offers primary documentation of storage infrastructures and engineered landscapes, as well as mobile infrastructures that facilitate the movement of nuclear materials along U.S. interstate highways. The work responds to not only these sites, but also their larger, environmental and topographical contexts in the American landscape and the mobile infrastructures and human beings who track and move-with these critical materials.

The opening at Parsons begins at 7pm with a brief artist talk and screening in the Bark Room.  A reception and chance to view the work and share comments in the lobby gallery follows.  Most of our travels for the project took place in the Western United States, but on October 3rd we will share details about the project’s “local” expedition to Niskayuna, NY, home to the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory.

The Parsons exhibition includes two monitors that will continuously loop the nearly three-hour long, two-channel video. This upcoming spring, the project will be re-interpreted for the Santa Fe Institute of Art, and will include large photographic prints and Super 8 footage. From Santa Fe, the project will be reconfigured for exhibition at CLUI Wendover during their Summer 2014 residency season and then migrate to the Rocky Flats Cold War Museum for the Fall 2014.  Look Only at the Movement will close at the Nevada Museum of Art in Spring 2015 with a site-specific exhibition that includes material traces and “tools” of our practice.  We’ll share some of the processes and objects that we’ve developed over the course of several years in order to be “up to” the challenges of meeting and creatively responding to the movements, realities and potencies of nuclear materials as they flow through and alter American landscapes.

At each venue, a traveling logbook will be on display that invites visitors to relay messages, questions and comments to future audiences for the work.  Keep an eye on the project webpage for highlights of the relayed comments and to follow along as the project’s exhibition circuit re-enacts some of the routes of nuclear waste transportation—and our research itinerary.

A potent tale has been set into motion across the American landscape, and it is only just beginning. Look Only at the Movement juxtaposes two entangled worlds as they unfold across one another: the streaming American Highway system and its travelers’ punctuating encounters with nuclear waste transport, disposal cells, and sites of remediation. The project offers a meditation-in-motion for audiences. It invites imaginings, curiosity, and logistical questions about how contemporary life, landscape, and infrastructure design will, for foreseeable futures, bend their realities around the need to contain and indefinitely move-with nuclear materiality.

route_map_august_FINALmap of routes/exhibition, from Look Only at the Movement, smudge studio 2013

4clive_cowinside the Clive Facility, from Look Only at the Movement, smudge studio 2013


inside the Clive Facility, from Look Only at the Movement, smudge studio 2013

3clive_stackinside the Clive Facility, from Look Only at the Movement, smudge studio 2013

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These photos are great and I can’t wait to see the video(s). I’m not sure what exactly the connection with your work is, but I came across these photos by British artist Mishka Henner this morning and am moved to share them here. Movement is certainly a common theme, but perhaps too, danger and the increasingly pervasive reality of man-made destruction on our doorsteps (and highways!).

Comment by John Drew

Another great project ladies! You guys never cease to amaze me.

Hope you’re well!


Erika Osborne

Comment by Erika Osborne

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