Inhabiting Change: Ten years and counting
11.30.2013, 7:33 pm
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2014The 2014 card features the Euphoria dune shack in the Provincelands of Massachusetts

If you are on smudge studio’s analog mailing list you might have been the recipient of one or more of the following images. Each year we send out a photo card to mark the change of year, often with a theme (often pertaining to landscape, travel, and time) that we sense will be inflecting our work for the year that is about to begin. We’re always on the look out for what each year’s image might become.  2014 marks the tenth year of this practice.  This decadal anniversary, plus the fact that FOP turns four on January 1, 2014, makes it a good time to dig through the archives and see this year’s card in relation to the previous ones.

It feels as though 2014’s “inhabiting change” tagline captures our sense of the coming year more aptly than ever.  As a forecast of what the overarching theme for our work and process might become in the new year, the caption and image suggest our sense that in 2014, we’ll begin to engage “geologic change” through daily life practices. We anticipate that the coming year will be a year where the planetary changes previously relegated to the “out there” will leak into daily routines and realities.  We expect this will require us to reassess, if not reinvent, how we meaningfully engage the hours of each day while the current window of opportunity remains open.

From the signals we have received from friends and family in recent weeks, it seems that living within the forces of change, at times tumultuous and deeply personal, is becoming a shared theme. We sense that the potential of 2014 is not only to acknowledge and invite the realities of change into our daily lives, but also to inhabit and engage them from within their unfolding.

2013For 2013, a still from a Super 8 film shot at the Þingvellir National Park Iceland, where two tectonic plates are pulling apart

20122012 card was taken at the Haukadalur geysir in Iceland

2011Super 8 still  from time-lapse at CLUI Wendover’s southbase

20102010 image was taken from an airplane en route to Albuquerque, NM

20092009 features Joshua Tree National Park

20082008 included a quote from Annie Dillard’s The Maytrees and a polaroid photo from a ferry to Nantucket

2007b“manifest your reality” in 2007 (Provincelands of Massachusetts)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2006 card has been the only caption-less card so far, taken from the prairie of Saskatchewan, Canada

2005for 2005 a Jenny Holzer Plane (via Creative Time) flying over the Hudson River (banner reads: “Whatever you are be a good one”)

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