Edge States: Wendover Launch
04.19.2014, 12:20 am
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image_7residency support unit and Exhibition Hall 2, CLUI Wendover, UT

We’re happy to announce the opening of Look Only at the Movement in Wendover, Utah.  Wendover is located 2,292 miles west of New York City via Interstate 80. The  work can be found in Exhibition Hall 2 of the CLUI Wendover complex, directly next door to the Enola Gay Hangar on the Historic Wendover Airfield. The show is free and open to the public through summer 2014. The nuclear legacy of the area continues into the present:  the Clive Facility, the nation’s largest low-level waste site and included in our video piece, is also located about 50 miles east of Wendover (sign up for a tour here).

Each time we return to Wendover we’re reminded of the potent juxtapositions that are highly specific to this particular place.  They never cease to fascinate us and draw us back   (World War II history, contemporary casino culture, salt playas, empty endless roads, edgy contemporary art, a town divided between two States, to name a few). While here, in addition to installing our work and sharing the informal “opening” with an inspiring group of art students from Montana, we’ve had time to explore and experience some of the vivid contrasts this particular place in America offers.

image_4exhibit Hall 2, CLUI Wendover, renovated back of Enola Gay Hangar in background



image_12the semi-official opening, shared with students from Montana State University and faculty members Mellisa Raglan and Jim Zimpel

panoramapanorama of installation inside Exhibit Hall 2

image_9renovations to the Enola Gay Hangar

flatsview of Wendover and Bonneville Salt Flats

smithsSmith’s parking lot foreground, Nevada geology background

sunsetsunset over salt flats, 4.18.14, 8:15 pm MST, 63 degrees, 4mph wind



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