In the Interest of Time
12.07.2015, 12:53 pm
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lunar_crater_bigLunar Crater, Nevada, image FOP

We are excited to share this third and final update on our Living Deep Time Year 000001 Kickstarter project as we head to the finish line. The campaign is now 2/3 funded! and it ends this Friday, December 11th, at 9:02 am EST.

We’ve received heartfelt comments from many backers about their own dreams for living time differently in the Anthropocene, and because of that, we believe in the meaning of this project more than ever.

We are ready to –
  • redirect our habits about time into wildly new directions and meanings.
  • re-think how we currently live and frame the “hours” of a day.
  • step out of time as it’s currently dictated by our digital devices.
  • learn more about how ancient humans and non-humans have marked time.
  • pay attention to how time assembles with strange new weather patterns and rearranges seasons.
  • learn more about how our planet meets vast scales of time as it moves through our solar system.
  • look up, out, beyond, inward, and spend creative time with time’s vagaries.

And, we especially are ready to sit with Anthropocenian time and be humbled and inspired by the challenging ways that it is playing out for humans and non-humans around the world.

We want to relay stories to you from our process and make something out of what we experience: a deep time calendar for daily life.

In the final hours of our campaign, you can make all the difference.

Please activate your networks, share the story of our project and join us in setting new kinds of time into motion.

Your support unleashes the POWER of art to carry us – with meaning and wonder – into the turbulence of Anthropocenian time itself.

You can give two artists the RESOURCE OF TIME to imagine and create a calendar for marking and living Anthropocene standardly strange time (AS2T).

Because how we humans are doing time on planet earth is setting up deep futures for ourselves, each other, and all living things.

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