A Calendar for Living Times: Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 is ready for publication!
10.04.2016, 10:01 am
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1_1After a year of research, design and production it’s ready for publication — a new calendar for grounding and navigating your life’s time in this strange new epoch of the Anthropocene.

We  launched the publication campaign for our project on Kickstarter, please check it out!   For a small pledge, you will be rewarded with a Living Deep Time 000001 Calendar, shipping by Dec. 15th, just in time for the December solstice.

When we started our research and design process, we had no idea what the Living Deep Time Calendar 000001 would look like or how it might be used. But we knew it would need to be a very different sort of calendar.  Because Earth is undergoing a time change. In fact, geologists say we’ve crossed into an entirely new geologic “season”: the Anthropocene. Time seems to be speeding up, pressing in, running out, intensifying, multiplying its forces and speeds, crisscrossing itself.

We need a strange new calendar for these strange new times. Human Standardized Time isn’t the time habitat our species evolved within. Many things and beings cannot thrive or even live according to its speeds and forces.  Humans included.

We have to adapt.


Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 is a daily practice that can help you adapt your own life’s rhythms to the times of the Anthropocene.

The funds from last year’s Kickstarter campaign allowed us to explore time habitats of the Anthropocene—that unrecognizable new epoch that is “now.” We unleashed our life’s time from our current calendars. We did field research into rich and strange temporalities all around us, and that took us far beyond human standardized time.

Here are some things we realized:

  • When you use any sort of calendar, you’re choosing to practice and perpetuate a certain kind of time.
  • We humans have always been tangled up with time-scapes much larger and much smaller than the ones depicted on our usual desk calendars.
  • We, and all other beings and things, are made up of the times of other things and beings.
  • We, and all things, have material connections to the deep geologic past and are increasingly entangled with deep geologic futures.
  • The times of life forms and material things on our planet are both of us and beyond us. These realizations filled us with wonder and appreciation.

We decided that the Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 could not simply track the weeks and months of standardized human time. It had to be an aesthetic provocation to create new ways of living time in the Anthropocene.

Because what we need is a calendar for co-existing with times beyond ourselves and our own species.

 Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 consists of:

  • a 46 card set, including three introductory cards and 43 poetic images with accompanying text.  They will escort you into encounters with the (often strange) times of a wide variety of things and beings.  Printed on both sides of elliptically shaped, 4.5″ x 5.25″, card stock.
  • naturally finished wood holder for displaying and interacting with the images and text, 
  • cotton-muslin bag to hold the collection of calendar cards,  
  • 6″ x 9″ illustration that you can mark daily to visualize where you are within the time-producing movements of the earth around the sun. 



The 43 calendar cards are your vehicles to:

  • Observe the massive and intimate forces of time within and around you.
  • Wonder at time’s speeds and scales.
  • Draw inspiration from time’s wild creativeness.
  • Navigate big fast change in the Anthropocene.
  • Re-score your own distracted “modern” rhythms.

The Living Deep Time Calendar 000001 includes images and text for the times of:

  • experience
  • fiber optic cables
  • temporary housing
  • Ise Jingu
  • the galactic year
  • the color blue
  • uranium
  • the human body
  • the ancestors
  • the fifth season
  • the hurricane
  • corals
  • kintsugi
  • jellyfish
  • the journey
  • soils
  • the cloud
  • plastic
  • bacteria
  • the zodiac
  • + more!


The Times of Shooting Stars, from Living Deep Time Calendar Year 0000119_1

The Times of Change, from Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001

Maybe like us, you think it’s time to change the way we humans are living time on this planet.

Maybe like us, you think art can be a mysteriously powerful vehicle for doing just that.

When you practice Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001, you connect to the many, and often strange, time beings beyond yourself.

You put into effect a channel for creating wonder and meaning in your life that won’t go extinct — not even in the Anthropocene.

We invite you to activate Living Deep Time Calendar Year 000001 as a medium for noticing and appreciating wildly diverse speeds, scales, rhythms and durations of time swirling around you, within you, and as you.  Use it as inspiration to create relief, wonder, and livable time in the Anthropocene.

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