04.09.2017, 7:21 pm
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Eight minutes ago, photons of sunlight that took thousands of years to migrate from the sun’s core left its surface and traveled towards Earth. As a result, everything we see is bathed in eight-minute-old light. The Last Eight Minutes: Everything We Take to be a Constant is Changing, a project by smudge studio, invites visitors to re-establish an awareness of our direct connection to the sun, which has fueled planetary systems on Earth for the past 4.6 billion years. Photons (the smallest amount of light perceptible to our eyes) arrive every micro-second on Earth. Each particle/wave is new and different from the one that arrived micro-seconds before. The sunlight we experience as “given” or “stable” is constantly changing.  Many Earth systems are currently undergoing massive reconfiguration within the Anthropocene.  Far from “stable givens,” they are composed of highly complex and changing material realities.

The Last Eight Minutes invites participants and viewers to pause with and aesthetically experience the continuous arrival of photons from the sun, which take approximately eight minutes to travel to Earth. It also invites viewers to imagine and consider a moment in the future that will eventually occur — the instant when the Sun emits the last photon to deliver light to Earth.

The Last Eight Minutes will be staged as an ephemeral micro-production at the former Pfizer factor on April 23, 002017, as part of the group exhibition con•tin•u•ums (time beyond lifetimes) curated by Patrick Jaojoco. This is the third in an ongoing series of micro-productions that smudge studio inaugurated in early 002017 entitled CONVEYANCE: what’s here. The micro-productions are part of a multi-year shape shifting series of assemblages that meet the changing conditions of wherever they are staged.  The project results from a decade of work made in response to planetary changes unfolding at geologic scales and uncertain, wildly open futures in the making.

In this project, smudge studio experiments with diverse forms—architectural, gestural, theatrical, conceptual—to create participatory installations that function as studio + teahouse + place of contemplation and refuge.

The April 23rd event is offered as a focused context for experiencing singular moments of change across eight minutes.  It draws upon and translates aspects of the Japanese tea ceremony, including the brewing and drinking of green tea and the offering of hospitality to strangers and guests.

Sweets by wagashi asobi, Tokyo, were designed and made especially for The Last 8 Minutes.

By way of this micro-production, smudge studio offers the question: “What is the I that sees through eight-minute old light?”

Limited space available for the April 23rd event, seatings at 11am and 12pm. Please RSVP to

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