Digital Chakaiki(茶会記)for Tea in the Dark (002019-ongoing)
11.01.2018, 9:49 am
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This page is the digital record, updated regularly for, Koans for the Anthropocene: Tea in the Dark a project by smudge studio.

Tea #1

1_Concept: to simultaneously mark the two utmost points of Earth’s moving shadow, which constitute what humans call “night/day” and experience these edges as being part of one continuously changing movement.

2_Title of Tea: Drinking Tea, Foot Before, Foot Behind (cleaving dusk/dawn)

3_Date November 19th, 002019 New York /  November 20th, 002019 Kyoto

4_Time/Duration: 16:10pm-16:45 New York/ 6:10am-6:45 am Kyoto (35 minutes). Exact moment of sun set/rise: 16:35pm EDT /6:35am JPT

5_People present (host/guest, total #): 4 guests/hosts: Jamie, Liz, Genzan, Naoko

6_Tea served: In New YorkShirakawa Asahi Matcha | 白川あさひ抹茶 (Mr. Kiyoharu Tsuji., Uji, Kyoto), Kyoto: Ippodo

7_Tasting notes N/A

8_sweets served: NYC: chestnut kinton, by Mochi-Rin, seasonal wagashi Kyoto










9_Utensils used (tea bowls/cups, tea pot, water kettle, if whisk/scoop/caddy etc.)

New York: unnamed utensils: black & white chawan, whisk and chashaku from Ippodo Tea

Kyoto: unnamed chawan by Naoko, whisk, and chashaku Banshu (beginning of deep autumn) or Fuyugakoi (protection from the storms of winter)










10_Means for heating water: N/A

11_Weather/site/season: Brooklyn, NY living room, Kyoto tatami room, private residences, Autumn, cloudy both locations


Kyoto scroll: Tea is exactly the source of the longevity” – Kan-un, 100 years old (Shizan Roshi, Kan-un-shitsu in later years), Rinzai sect, 1859-1959
















NYC poem: David Hinton, via Desert (rising earth’s horizon — edge twisting toward morning sun…)

13_ Ikebana/flower/object: NYC: dried ginkgo leaves, Prospect Park

14_Produced artworks: watercolor postcard, mailed to Genzan/Naoko










15_Sound NYC: bell was rung at closing of tea

16_Misc. Notes NYC hosts faced West, Kyoto guests faced East



Tea #2 TBA


2_Title of Tea



5_People present (host/guest, total #)

6_Tea served

7_Tasting notes

8_Sweet served

9_Utensils used (tea bowls/cups, tea pot, water kettle, if whisk/scoop/caddy etc.)

10_Means for heating water



13_ Ikebana/flower/object

14_Produced artworks


16_Misc. Notes


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