Digital Chakaiki(茶会記)

Digital Chakaiki(茶会記)for Tea in the Dark (002019-ongoing)

This page is the digital record, updated regularly for, Koans for the Anthropocene: Tea in the Dark a project by smudge studio.

Tea #4 Mid-Winter/Thermal Minimum

1_Concept: Micro-production to offer embodied experience of temperature lag. Focused on sensation of temperature (cold to hot) moving between material bodies on “coldest day” of the year.

2_Title of Tea: Permutating Mid-Winter: Just Because We Can’t See It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Happening

3_Date January 29th, 002020

4_Time/Duration: 1:30-3pm ET

5_People present: (guests + hosts, total 7) Oliver Kellhammer, Michelle Shofet, Dillon Cohen, Lars Chellberg, William Lamson, Jamie and Liz

6_Tea served: Fall Shincha from Kettl Brooklyn.Shincha translates as “new tea” and is a spring sencha typically offered only in spring. Kettl’s fall shincha “undergoes a 6 month refrigerated aging known as Jukusei.”  This aging is said to intensify some of the best aspects of this uncommon tea, allowing “amino acids in the tea develop while the catechin and fragrant compounds have time to mellow and integrate.” 

7_Tasting notes (see above)

8_Sweet served:  yuzu & sansho peppercorn mochi by Mochi Rin

9_Utensils used (tea bowls/cups, tea pot, water kettle, if whisk/scoop/caddy etc.): Tilt of the Earth 23.5º tea cups,  “pancake” tetsubin and stainless steel kettle from Iseten

10_Means for heating water: gas stove (via National Grid)

11_Weather/site/season: average coldest day of the year (Mid-Winter) 41 degrees, Parade Ground park, Prospect Park, Brooklyn

12_Scroll/graphic/poem/object: A Monk asked Unman, “What will happen when the leaves become bare?” Unman said, “Golden Wind!”

13_ Ikebana/flower/object Crocus bulbs

14_Produced artworks: watercolors cards, Lomochrome purple film





















15_Sound: bell rung to demonstrate sound lag

16_Misc. Notes, color blue

17_ Hexagram #32 Moondrift Constancy “It is thunder moving together with the wind, the dragon’s inciting force moving together with the reverent and inward… Sun and moon took to the sky, and so their radiance ensures on and on. The four seasons change and change, and so their completion endures on and on…” – translation David Hinton















Tea #3 Perihelion

1_Concept: share tea on day Earth is closest to the sun by 3,109,435 miles (Perihelion: January 5, 2020 2:47 am 91,398,199 miles/ Aphelion: July 4, 2020 7:34 am 94,507,635 miles)

2_Title of Tea: Earth at Perihelion, Sharing Tea with the Sun

3_Date January 5th 002020

4_Time/Duration: 9:45am- 3pm

5_People present (host/guest, total #) Jamie, Liz  Ayano Matsumae (3)

6_Tea served: Hosen sencha (Ippodo) brewed by the sun (20 minutes, 2.5 TBSP, 1.25 cup of water). Hosen was chosen as sencha grown in full sun, rather than shade-grown tea

7_Tasting notes N/A

8_Sweet served: sun inspired round chocolates made by Ayano, cacao and orange peel









9_Utensils used (tea bowls/cups, tea pot, water kettle, if whisk/scoop/caddy etc.): tilted tea cups, glass beaker

10_Means for heating water: Sunlight

11_Weather/site/season: early January, windy, 45 degrees F, perihelion

12_Scroll/graphic/poem/object: Ayano’s albumen prints,

13_ Ikebana/flower/object N/A

14_Produced artworks: 2 cyanotypes, of tea cups and beaker of the sun’s long shadows from south window, as tea brewed in direct sunlight (20 minute exposure)

















all things being equal, for the perihelion, foil paper, smudge studio 002019

15_Sound N/A

16_Misc. Notes N/A

17_ Hexagram #30 Radiance: “Sun and moon, fire and fire —using beauty at the hinge of things, they transform and perfect all beneath heaven. And because  the tender assent of this beauty is centered at the very hinge of things, it penetrates everywhere.” – translation David Hinton




Tea #2 Winter Solstice

1_Concept:  to make tea within the changing light, leading into (8 hours before) and out of (8 hours after) the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere — Winter Solstice.

2_Title of Tea Winter Solstice: Tilting towards Change

3_Date December 21-22, 002019

4_Time/Duration  first tea staged at 3:19pm 12/21/19, 8 hours prior to Winter Solstice, which occurred at 11:19pm ET. Second tea staged 8 hours after solstice, at 7:19am 12/22/19. 24 hour time lapse, 16 hour tea process.

5_People present (host/guest, total #) Jamie and Elizabeth (2)

6_Tea served: PM tea Tawayara Kyoto (karigane), AM Kettl, Samidori matcha

7_Tasting notes: N/A

8_Sweet served: PM tea dark chocolate, AM tea strawberry truffle w/white bean and rose, via MochiRin

9_Utensils used (tea bowls/cups, tea pot, water kettle, if whisk/scoop/caddy etc.) PM tea Tilt of the Earth teacups, AM tea black/white matcha bowls

10_Means for heating water: N/A

11_Weather/site/season: Winter Solstice, hazy sun, first day of winter

12_Scroll/graphic/poem/object: N/A

13_ Ikebana/flower/object: Origami pyramids

14_Produced artworks: 24 hour time lapse comprised of 302 images, 3-10pm (every 2 minutes), 10pm-6am (every 15 minutes), 6am-8am, (every 2 minutes), 8am-3pm (every 15 minutes)+  two watercolors with gold foil














16_Misc. Notes

17_ Hexagram #36 Illumination Blackened: “Sun and moon sinking all vast illumination below the earth… When illumination is darkened over, it can still center your purpose at the hinge of things… using it … they use darkness to abide in illumination itself.” – translation David Hinton





Tea #1

1_Concept: to simultaneously mark the two utmost points of Earth’s moving shadow, which constitute what humans call “night/day” and experience these edges as being part of one continuously changing movement.

2_Title of Tea: Drinking Tea, Foot Before, Foot Behind (cleaving dusk/dawn)

3_Date November 19th, 002019 New York /  November 20th, 002019 Kyoto

4_Time/Duration: 16:10pm-16:45 New York/ 6:10am-6:45 am Kyoto (35 minutes). Exact moment of sun set/rise: 16:35pm EDT /6:35am JPT

5_People present (host/guest, total #): 4 guests/hosts: Jamie, Liz, Genzan, Naoko

6_Tea served: In New YorkShirakawa Asahi Matcha | 白川あさひ抹茶 (Mr. Kiyoharu Tsuji., Uji, Kyoto), Kyoto: Ippodo

7_Tasting notes N/A

8_sweets served: NYC: chestnut kinton, by Mochi-Rin, seasonal wagashi Kyoto








9_Utensils used (tea bowls/cups, tea pot, water kettle, if whisk/scoop/caddy etc.)

New York: unnamed utensils: black & white chawan, whisk and chashaku from Ippodo Tea

Kyoto: unnamed chawan by Naoko, whisk, and chashaku Banshu (beginning of deep autumn) or Fuyugakoi (protection from the storms of winter)








10_Means for heating water: N/A

11_Weather/site/season: Brooklyn, NY living room, Kyoto tatami room, private residences, Autumn, cloudy both locations


Kyoto scroll: Tea is exactly the source of the longevity” – Kan-un, 100 years old (Shizan Roshi, Kan-un-shitsu in later years), Rinzai sect, 1859-1959








NYC poem: David Hinton, via Desert (rising earth’s horizon — edge twisting toward morning sun…

13_ Ikebana/flower/object: NYC: dried ginkgo leaves, Prospect Park

14_Produced artworks: watercolor postcard, mailed to Genzan/Naoko








15_Sound NYC: bell was rung at closing of tea

16_Misc. Notes NYC hosts faced West, Kyoto guests faced East

17_ Hexagram #14 Vast Presence: “Vast presence penetrates all origins everywhere…” – translation David Hinton