Some Kind of Blue
06.12.2018, 9:04 am
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Day 21: Twilight into Dawn, from the project, Turning into the Night

This blue, it just won’t stop. Ever moving. Unfixable. Somehow, without clear demarcation, this sun-filled day began to dim into the most minute of gradients, into shades of blue that are more glow and quality of light and diffusion than color. There’s no stopping this change, yet it’s silent, seamless and graceful in it’s profound shift (the earth is continuously turning after all).

An overall feeling of rest and “winding down” is felt and heard in the air. This is what living beings do. Sensors in our eyes, glands, hearts, minds, are attuned to this. They “clock it” and their sensings are continuous, every day. Lowering light triggers their signaling.

Meanwhile, the bombardment of photons is never ending, as far as humans are concerned. Photons cruise towards our planet from 93,000,000 miles away. Some, a bit to the rolling “west” of here, will bounce off and illuminate all that makes place in that direction, such as “California.” The photons arriving near “here,” at twilight, as we ride “eastward” on the edge of the roller coaster hump that is the earth’s curvature — might just miss the earth entirely and soar on past, infinitely, into deep space, and never alight.


Those that do strike our edge, make “sunset” here.

For now, the cones and rods in our eyes are doing their evolutionary jobs. They are winding down. This un-arrestable glow-shade we call twilight is actually movement, change, as are all things and time. And when we wake around eight hours from now, at the prompting of the highly sun-attuned bird songs outside the back door, we’ll be in a blue-ing of some sort or other again. The glow will be emerging in the sky from the “east” (instead of west) and, until around noon, our particular location on the planet will roll “downward” on its axis, at which time, it will begin to roll “upward” toward around midnight.

Meanwhile, this 8:30 p.m. twilight-ing blue is seamlessly connected with and deeply akin to the some kind of blue that will be tomorrow’s 5:00 a.m. dawn-ing.

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