The Power of Now: Opening at Pasquart Art Centre
09.06.2018, 3:28 pm
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We are happy to announce our piece The Last Eight Minutes: Everything We take to be a Constant is Changing is included in an exhibition entitled The Power of Now, opening September 8th at the Pasquart Art Centre, Switzerland.

Curated by Samuel Leuenberger and Felicity Lunn, the exhibition examines “the aesthetic and cultural significance of time within contemporary narratives and its impact on how we structure our lives and experiences. In their work, the 34 international artists selected for the exhibition explore the temporal nature of labour and leisure, politics and power, the body and representation or technology and memory. Due to the complexity of the concept of time, the exhibition is divided into four thematic groupings: Time and its Discontents, Sculpting Time, Capture: Staging the Live, Speculative and Planetary Time.”

The Last Eight Minutes is included in the exhibition under the thematic, Speculative and Planetary Time, and invites visitors to experience the 8 minutes and 21 seconds that it takes (at this time of year) for light to travel from the sun to windows of the gallery space.

installation images courtesy Samuel Leuenberger, 2018

Visitors to the gallery are offered a seat and a card that introduces the intentions the work:

For the Pasquart exhibition, we designed a unique clock that divides a single hour into seven segments of 8 minutes and 21 seconds. Visitors to the gallery can use the clock as a visual reference for the duration of time it takes photons of the sun’s light to travel 93,000,000 miles and bathe everything seen in the room and outside the window through eight minute old light.

 smudge studio designed clock for The Last Eight Minutes (7 sections of 8 minutes and 21 seconds)

The show runs until November 18, 002018.



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